A bitter sweet Friday

 Happy Friday guys! I am so happy it’s Friday, this weekend Peter is completely off! In addition I just received word that my family, who I haven’t seen in a long time is on their way to NY for a quick weekend visit. So, it seems to be the makings of one awesome family weekend.

It’s also a bitter sweet Friday, because my mama in crime Lauren has gotten a “grown up” job. I am a so happy for her, but also a little bummed. It seems silly, but our kids have spent so many days together since River was around 5 months, and G was around 4 months. They have this bond, that we both can’t touch.  I found myself selfishly tearing up last night about it. Ugh, here I go again. ;(

We both bonded over being young mothers, having “surprise” pregnancies, and being mamas who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.  I will miss the random 9am texts to take random trips to the city, with no direction in site. OH, and those last minute play dates with both of us still in our jammies in the afternoon. I loved those. Since we both were SHM we definitely leaned on each other for those tough times. I can’t handle changes guys, I can’t. Our relationship, our children’s relationship has spoiled this little mama.

Granted, since starting my own business, and after registering for two summer classes,  I did see less play dates and more working in the very near future. Time to suck it up. Lauren, I love you girl, Congratulations!
Also, a very big congratulations to my big sister Brittany for also getting a new job!! We are only 14 months apart, so more than likely my sadness is a combined sadness of loss for both of these beautiful woman. My sister has been my support system since I called her crying saying I had a little creature in that tummy of mine. She was so supportive, and still is. I will be missing our random long conversations. I love you sissy. You are such a great example of a loving mother, Seon is so blessed!
Bitter sweet, bitter sweet.
Here’s a picture of little River on our official- last weekday outing with Lauren and baby George yesterday!
Here’s to a happy Friday!

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