• Try This: Pickled Pink Deviled Eggs!

    Around this time every year, I crave the deviled eggs my great aunt makes at every family function. Whether it is a birthday, an afternoon picnic, or even, one of my book signings, I can count on her to arrive with a double stacked tray of deviled eggs she whipped up that morning. Of all of the summer foods I love, this takes the cake. I could eat deviled eggs by the handfuls, very rarely popping up for air. 

    Every Friday night when the kids are down, I watch episodes of High On The Hog as my summer show. The series is not only full of delicious dishes that you swear you can smell off of the screen, it encompass the kind of historic storytelling that we so readily need. 

    While few things come even close to my great aunt’s deviled eggs, we thought this summer food would inspire not only collective bellies, but also our eyes.

    As so many of us find ways to gather with folks near and far once again, the part of me that wants all avenues to be aesthetically pleasing very much still exists. I love photographs of folks hugging in their best spring dresses, tablescapes at delayed baby-blessings, and bouquets of those who finally are tying the knot in front of small groups of family and friends. 

    Maybe you’ll give these a try. Or maybe, you’ll finally go give your great aunt a hug because you now know you can thoroughly keep her well. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it! 

    We used this recipe from Marth Stewart for deviled-eggs and for the pretty in pink, we used pickled beets from Love and Lemons recipe. The flavor of the pickled beets and the deviled eggs is subtle but also delightfully delicious. It’s perfect for warm days where you want a light and refreshing snack that also fills you a bit. 

    What are you making that is pretty and is also delicious?