• Vintage Rainbow Raincoats And Other Things That Make Me Happy

    On this rainy and cold NYC day, can we talk about really silly things that make us happy?  Or what about small sweet things that lift up our moods on low days? I just ran into a friend who had the most beautiful thick eye-liner and eye-shadow, that brought out her gorgeous eyes in a way that even made me smile! When asking about her eyeliner, she said, “Fall is sometimes low for me.” And it made perfect sense. Every little thing helps. So consider this your push to do any little thing that brings you a smile or lifts your spirits.

    I hit a emotional wall on Wednesday of last week. So instead of spending hours on the computer trying to pump out more work with in a a bit of a low mood, I shut down and went looking for vintage chairs for my dining room. I found the chairs, and I also found the most ridiculous rain coat that instantly made me so happy. It was a steal, and my closet and my body is much brighter for it. I spent the rest of the day and the week thinking about the coat. And today, when the city sky was dark and rainy, I put it on. Here are way too many photos of it as evidence, if you’d like to see…

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  • In Celebration Of Diversity

    They’re calling it a rainbow wave. Not a blue wave. Not a red wave. But a multi-colorful, multi-cultural wave of small and grand acts of progress and a distinct need ...

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  • Happy Halloween!

    Early this year, we watched the movie A Wrinkle In Time as a family. River sat on my lap, and Oak laid his head on my shoulder, unable to look away. After ...

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