• A Summer Day In The Life | A Video

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    I have a layered relationship with home. It’s something I’ve talked about in previous blog posts; but as summer is here, and I spend at least three full days with the kids, without work and camps, I realize that this relationship has shifted a bit.

    I felt it at the start of summer, when mornings that used to be rushed, became slow, cartoon-ridden, naked, with yogurt at the desk. I would lie around with them. Afternoons became packed with adventures, packed lunches, and dinners outside, on the stoop, in the backyard–just rarely at the table. As a New Yorker, and also as a mom, I consider a lot to create that feeling of home that I need and want my kids to have. I’m interested in how the furniture, the art, the curtains, speak to this definition and become a part of our daily ritual in home. And that goes for the appliances too!

    This winter, after Oak’s surgery, we were gifted a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator to house all the meals we still had left floating from friends. The fridge was a welcomed gift; but also, at that time in particular, when home was especially sacred and healing, it was odd feeling to have something foreign enter it. Like a new paint color that takes some getting used to. You know? You go over it a good two times, step back and cock your head a bit. Take a photo. Ask a friend. Return to the same question a day later, only to realize, it takes time.

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