• Monday’s Collection: PINK

    Can we do something different today? I skipped Friday’s inspiration, but we still have Monday’s collection. Lately, I’ve been talking to a few of my girlfriends about how I need to stay inspired. And when I am not doing this creatively, it is easy for me to find an unknown puddle of sadness. If it continues, that inner-deep sadness sort of sits, and I’m left grasping at straws. When I was working on the book (and any larger creative project, really) the thing that sort of kept my steam going was creating mood boards for each project. It stimiluates me. It transports me.

    Here’s a Monday mood board if you need a bit of inspiration to kick off the week!

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  • PSA: Get Your Breasts Checked

    Two of my dear friends are dealing with cancer in very different ways. It’s strange to watch. It’s likely even more strange, frightening, and everything else, to be the ones ...

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